Wanted Your Second-Hand Milking Parlours and Used Bulk Tanks We are one of the UK's largest second-hand Milking equipment and bulk tank supplier's, we have helped hundreds of customers over the years , to this end we require your used milking equipment and bulk tanks we have customer’s worldwide ready to buy. Our mission is to give a competitive price for every milking machine or bulk tank.

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  • Used Spares

    We carry a large stock of milking machine spares, and spare parts for milking machines. To produce quality milk you need a dedicated partner who cares and shares a passion for the dairy industry as a whole. At V.B. Fabrications we are committed to providing our customers with solutions, knowledge, service and the experience that empower them to take control of their business

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  • Feeders

    Electric automatic feeders are an excellent means of accurately dispensing concentrates in the milking parlour. They offer a convenient controlled method of supplementing nutrition for the dairy herd.

    The motor running time determines the amount of feed at each cycle. The quantity is decided when the feeder is calibrated. A potentiometer fitted in the control box allows the running time of the motors to be adjusted as required. Each feeder has a motor, no vacuum supply is required. To ensure accuracy a regulated power supply is fitted preventing fluctuations 

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  • News

    Check out our latest news . We have stock and used equipment arriving daily ,from Bulk tanks to complete Milking Parlours , Water Heaters Vacuum pumps ,direct to line ,complete pulsation sysyems.Find out more